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Be Heart Happy

According to a German study 1 in 5 fatal heart attacks is caused by depression.

Findings from a 10 year study have found that 15% of fatal heart attacks is caused by a mental illness, compared to 21% caused by obesity and 8% caused by high blood pressure.

With research showing that there is a strong correlation between depression and heart disease, each leading to the other- a frightening thought as depression affects 350 million people worldwide.

Findings reveal that people with no history of depression have become depressed after having a heart attack. And people with no previous heart problems but who suffer with depression seem to develop heart disease at a higher rate than the general population. Demonstrating a two- way relationship between depression and heart disease.

Individuals with depression or who are recovering from a cardiac arrest have a lower chance of recovery and are at a higher risk of death than people who do not suffer from depression.

So how can depression break your heart?

- Your heart rhythms may be affected, leading to an irregular heart rate and palpitations.

- Your blood pressure increases.

- It can alter blood clotting, due to sticky platelets.

- Increase your insulin levels

- Increased your cholesterol levels.

- Increase the hormones cortisol and adrenaline

- There is a correlation between being depressed and a lack of motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle, this including diet, regular exercise, smoking, and drinking habits.

Depression is a treatable disorder and can be treated effectively alongside any other illness an individual may have. Suffering from depression does not mean a person will develop heart disease. Keeping your body healthy, taking part in regular exercise, eating healthy foods, limiting those alcoholic beverages and stopping smoking will ensure your heart stays as healthy as possible.

Employee mental well-being is an increasingly important factor for the employers’ consideration, 45 million days are lost each year due to stress, anxiety and depression, Implementing a Private Medical Insurance policy or just a simple Employee Assistance Programme can help to support the employee when they need it the most.

A healthy mind is a healthy body.

April 7, 2017

January 31, 2017

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