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Excellect is proud to be a trusted employee benefits broker partner for many Independent HR Consultants, Financial Advisers, General Insurance Brokers, and other business professionals across the UK.

Our business has been built on referrals and recommendations; therefore we know how important it is for us to be a trusted pair of hands for your valued clients. We value and respect your trusted client relationships and we strive only to enhance and compliment your own services. Our aim is that you and your client will be delighted you have introduced them to Excellect.

Your client is safe with Excellect. We do not cross-sell or market to them, and we take data protection and privacy seriously. Equally, by allowing us to help you support your client with services you don't offer, you reduce the risk of losing them to a competitor who does.

Buying Power and High Service Levels

Excellect gives impartial, expert advice over a full range of employee benefits selected from the whole of the market. We have built strong established relationships with benefit providers meaning we can negotiate the best terms for our clients - terms they are unlikely to be able to access themselves. We do the shopping around for the client to not only save them valuable time, but also ensure they find the best products at the best prices. We want to make sure this remains the case in future years, and so we automatically conduct a proactive annual market review at renewal time every year.


Our approachable and friendly team is dedicated to providing high levels of service. This starts with quick responses to partner referrals, and speedy follow-up contact with clients, all the way through to keeping you updated with final outcomes. We offer consultations and quotes without fee or obligation. Our clients enjoy year-round admin support, including help with claims and queries.

'I am a local Bristol adviser and I have worked with Simon and his team at Excellect for the over 3 years. The team deliver excellent service and help my clients save money while maintaining the same (and in some cases better) employee benefit packages. In my opinion, the employee benefit package should be standard to attract and retain top talent, and the team at Excellect live and breathe this culture. A professional and approachable company to work with. Thank you.'

Paul Netto (FFCA), Equifino

Working with HR Consultants

The support and advice you offer to your clients is vital to their success and future growth plans.


We understand the depth of knowledge you need to help them with people issues, ever-changing employment legislation, development of company culture etc.


Many businesses also have challenges with employee attraction and retention, and employee benefits are clearly important when it comes to standing out as an employer of choice. But it’s a specialist area and this is where Excellect can help.


You may identify a need for your client to review benefits when drawing up employee handbooks and contracts. Or perhaps they need to start looking at benefits for the first time. If you partner with Excellect and have us in your “kit bag” we can help you and your clients with all their employee benefit needs. You can be confident we will look after them and help them navigate through the multitude of different options, saving them the time of shopping around themselves for the right benefits package.

Being your client’s trusted adviser and building long term relationships with them can be one of the most rewarding parts of your profession. However, obtaining industry qualifications, keeping on top of legislative changes, as well as pipeline management and admin often means there are not enough hours in the day.


For most advisers, the areas where they can add the most value to their client’s lives are wealth management and protection. In an ideal world it would be perfect if you could deal with everything for your clients. But sometimes due to time constraints, or things that only crop up only once in a while, it can be hard to do that.


With Excellect as your trusted partner you can make more time to focus on the things you do best. As a specialist independent employee benefits broker we conduct whole of market research to help your clients find the right solutions for their business. Responsibility for the benefits advice sits with us, thereby reducing your compliance risk, and we can help with the set-up, communication, and annual renewal of benefits.                                                                                                                                     

Excellect do not provide pension, or individual financial advice, so our services do not overlap with your own.

Working with  Financial Advisers

Working with Insurance Brokers

Whether you’re a general commercial insurance broker or a specialist in a particular type of insurance, we know that sometimes clients ask you for products that you don’t provide. In your highly competitive industry, there are large brokers well positioned to offer everything a client may want, and very keen to pick up new clients.


By partnering with Excellect you can broaden your total product offering, protecting you against competitors and placing you at the heart of the relationship as the client’s  trusted adviser. Although we are also an insurance broker our services do not overlap, making us the ideal partner. We can provide content for your website, and by including the key words ‘employee benefits’ and ‘health insurance’  you could drive additional traffic to your website, raising awareness of your other services.


We will offer you commercial terms to enable us to share our commission with you, and the good news is we make the formalities easy.  


Our standard choice of commission sharing terms is:

    25% of our Year 1 initial net* commission 


    15% of our Year 1 net* initial commission followed by 10% of Year    2-5 net* renewal commission

(*net of Insurance Premium Tax -IPT and network fee)

We are willing to discuss increased commission for larger referral volumes.


We send you a commission statement twice a year so you can invoice us for any commission payments due to you.

Becoming a working partner of Excellect not only allows you promote a wider range of services to your clients, but also generates an additional income stream for your business. We are paid by commission from insurance providers and so we don't charge you or your clients a fee. 


Support to Refer

We will provide tools and tips to help you spot referral opportunities. We are happy to write blogs and co-brand documents for you to use with your clients. Where you have colleagues working with you, we will help educate them about employee benefits; what they are, who buys them and how to raise the subject with clients.

The Referral Process is Simple
You can be confident we will do a good job when you trust your client with us. Explain to them you work with Excellect who are independent employee benefits specialists and refer them to us by e-mail. Copy the client by way of introduction, and provide information about the company name, the number of employees, and any other relevant details. We always conduct holistic reviews to make sure all the client circumstances are taken into account. We will acknowledge your referral and contact your client to set up a meeting.  We copy you in initially, so you know we’re dealing with the referral. It’s a smooth process. When you work with us for the first time we will ask if you’d like to attend the meeting so you can see first-hand how we work. We will of course let you know about the final referral outcome.  If things progress to new benefits being taken up, or Excellect being appointed as broker to existing policies, we will share our commission with you


What Can a Client Expect?
We offer a personal and professional service – no call centres here! Clients speak to one our dedicated employee benefits team who take time to understand their business requirements. The conversations they have with us are without charge, and there is never any sales pressure or obligation to proceed.

Once we understand a client’s benefit objectives, Excellect does the shopping around to source the best products and terms. This can save them an immense amount of time and resource. And, because of the strong relationships we have built with insurance providers over the years, we use our “buying power” to negotiate the best possible prices. Something a business owner is unlikely to be able to do for themselves individually.
Additionally, we can review existing benefit policies to ensure that the business has the best products at the best price. Is there scope to get better cover, or a lower price? We will provide market comparisons and feedback – free of charge.

We provide advice on the best options for the business and take time to explain them. Once a client confirms how they wish to proceed, we work with them on the setup and communication of the new benefits. But that’s not where it ends. We offer full support with changes, queries and claims throughout the policy year. We want to make sure administering benefits is easy and saves the business as much time as possible. As we are paid by commission by the benefits providers, we do not charge a fee for our services.
High levels of customer service, and client retention are absolute priorities for the whole of the Excellect team. We conduct a proactive whole of market benefits review every year at annual renewal time to make sure benefits remain right for our clients. We are hugely proud of our 97% client retention rate which we have maintained year on year. 
Helping Clients Maximise Their Benefits Spend
Putting an employee benefits package in place, and regularly reviewing it will definitely help with employee engagement, attraction, and retention. However, sometimes clients need more. Here are just some of the additional services Excellect can support businesses with to make sure they achieve maximum return on their benefits investment:

  • Employee Benefits Benchmarking and Competitor Analysis (* A consultancy fee may apply where benefits are not implemented following research work

  • TUPE cases where benefits need to be replicate

  • Benefits Communication* – we can assist with benefit fact sheets, launch communications and benefits “refresher” sessions (delivered virtually) so that employees understand the benefits they have in place and know how to get the most out of them. (* We do not charge a fee for Benefit Communication Support when Excellect is appointed as broker)

  • International Benefits - Through carefully selected strategic partners around the world we can provide support for companies with their global benefits strategy.

At Excellect we have a little “strap line” and you will see it regularly on our social media  i.e. #everyonebenefits. And we all live and breathe this “mantra” every day. It starts with the employer and their employees. Happier employees are more productive, and increased productivity helps to grow successful and profitable businesses (our clients). For our referral partners it means they have satisfied clients, a trusted partner, and an additional income stream. For us, it means our own business continues to thrive and grow, and the team expand. And then full circle back to employees. If Excellect employees are happy and motivated, they will serve our clients better. #Everyonebenefits is at the heart of Excellect.


Would you like to talk about joining our rapidly growing Professional Partnership network?


Speak to our Sales and Partnerships Executive, Nynke Hunter on  0117 3700 352 or send an email through to 

We would be delighted to hear from you and to talk you about working together for the benefit of clients.



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