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At Excellect our commitment is to provide accessible and affordable employee benefit solutions to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporations. We offer access to a wide and diverse range of health, protection, and lifestyle benefits, which are cost-effective, tax efficient and sustainable.


Unlike comparison websites, as an independent broker we adopt a much more personal approach. We offer a free initial consultation with one of our experts to understand the current and future objectives of your business, and to discuss the potential benefit solutions. We then work alongside you beyond the initial quotation process, and the implementation of benefits. We want to make sure that administering your employee benefits is easy and saves you as much time as possible. So, we give support throughout the benefits year, and automatically conduct a proactive annual review. We are paid by commission and so you do not need to pay us a fee for our services.


Additionally, we understand how important effective communication is to maximise your employee benefits offering. We can therefore help you maintain high visibility of the employee benefits across the workforce to increase awareness and maximise engagement, at benefits launch and beyond.


And, if you already have employee benefits in place, we are able to offer a whole of market review to check that you are getting good value from your benefits spend. Benefits are ever evolving so a regular review is a very worthwhile exercise – contact us to find out more. This service is free - there is no charge or obligation.





Ensuring your employees benefit from world-class medical care when they need it most.

The most effective benefits strategies we see will include a health element. It can sometimes be challenging to find benefits that will appeal equally to generation’s X, Y, Millennials and Baby Boomers.


However, its often said that, “Nothing is as important as having good health” and this is a belief that unites all generations. All employees appreciate the value of some form of private medical provision.  And for your business, you can rest assured that should an employee suffer an accident or illness, health cover could boost their chances of a speedy return, thus minimizing 

business disruption.



Helping to provide your employees and

their dependents with financial security

Safety & security are two of the most sought after needs for employees when working in any business for a long period of time - Will they be able to maintain their property and/or job, so they can provide for their family tomorrow and in the future? It's impossible to predict, so how can the employer provide this to their staff?




Allowing your employees to choose the benefits

that suit their individual needs

Flexible benefit solutions are a great way to engage your staff by allowing them to choose the benefits that mean most to them. This collaborative approach not only makes benefits accessible in a way that lets employees connect with their benefits and feel valued, but it also helps supports staff recruitment, retention 

and satisfaction.

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