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Allowing you employees to choose the benefits

that suit their individual needs

Flexible benefit solutions are a great way to engage your staff by allowing them to choose the benefits that mean most to them. This collaborative approach not only makes benefits accessible in a way that lets employees connect with their benefits and feel valued, but it also helps supports staff recruitment, retention andFlexible benefits schemes can include a wide range of options for staff to select from, including tax-efficient benefits such as childcare vouchers or salary sacrifice pension contributions.


Other options can include holiday trading, healthcare satisfaction.and voluntary benefits. Whatever combination of benefits you choose to offer, they’re presented to your employees through our online platform.



Excellect have partnered with LUX Rewards to provide the ultimate free perk for your employees! The Air Miles of the restaurant world, collect up to 7.5% of your restaurant and bar bills back in points.


These points can be spent on over 100 rewards from spa days to free meals. LUX Rewards can also help you find the best venue for corporate bookings and book them for you for free.

Rewards have never tasted so good. For more information visit 



One of the most well-known employee benefit is a simple Gym Discount. Having a Gym Discount in place for your employees can have a huge impact in turn for the company.

Corporate gym membership involves employers negotiating discounted contracts with local and national gym operators, or providing access to on-site gym facilities at little or no cost to staff.

Membership can cost from £10 to more than £100 per month per employee, depending on the gym chain and branch location. Contract terms vary too, with some contracts requiring staff to sign up for a minimum of a year.



The cycle to work initiative is a tax-efficient, and on the whole, salary-sacrificed employee benefit that provides a way of encouraging more adults to take up cycling, by using a bike for commuting purposes.

Under the scheme, employers buy or lease cycling equipment from suppliers approved by their scheme administrator, and hire it to their employees. At the end of the loan period, the employer may choose to give the employee the option to purchase the equipment. 



Sometimes Employee Benefits can be unsuccessful in motivating the workforce, either due to lack of interest or lack of communication. Fortunately, this benefit doesn't require much work from you to encourage your staff due to the universal nature of shopping - everybody does it in one form or another.

Discounted Shopping helps your employees save on everything from everyday purchases such as food shopping to fashion and pet food to mobile phones, computers, car rentals and holidays.

If you would like to make your company image more accommodating to
potential and existing staff, this benefit is ideal to offer as it can apply to all staff, no matter the position.



Specialist business travel insurance reassures everyone.

This means that regular international travel is still a feature of corporate business. But when things go wrong overseas, it can be a traumatic experience.

Despite the advances and availability of video and teleconferencing, face-to-face meetings remain the best way to present your product or service; travelling employees get security and peace of mind while employers know their employees are fully protected. Non-specialist business travel or tourist insurance cant be relied on as it wont provide for specific business needs such as flying out a replacement employee if so required.

Business travel insurance can be taken out without excluding existing medical problems. There's no need for you to ask awkward and personal medical questions, nor will you feel you have to send a less-qualified member of staff because the better-qualified one has an existing medical condition.



Like Cycle to Work and Childcare Voucher schemes, employees can swap some of their salary in exchange for a brand new car. Our partners all-inclusive scheme is a great way for anyone to afford and run a new car, whilst saving money.

Happy employees

Attract, retain and motivate the very best talent with this highly sought-after employee benefit. Free to set up and run, you could be making your employees happier in no time.


Big savings

Based on the most popular ULEV's, you could be saving an average of £350 a year for every car ordered through the scheme. With thousands of cars to choose from, there’s something for everyone.


All inclusive

A risk and hassle-free solution with minimal involvement from you, providing an all encompassing motoring package to your employees. Provided through our online, market leading platform.

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