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In the summer, we welcomed two new apprentices to the team, growing our team to 14! In this blog, our newest apprentices, Beth and Lorenzo will tell us about their experiences with starting their apprenticeship here at Excellect and what they are most looking forward to.

Beth Sellars

Hi, my name is Beth, I am a 17-year-old business administration apprentice at Excellect, I started my apprenticeship in July 2023.

When I left school, I started a Dental nursing apprenticeship as I knew I didn’t want to go to college or sixth form because I learned better from on-the-job experience. After being a dental nurse/receptionist for 8 months, I realised that it wasn't something that I thoroughly enjoyed and preferred the receptionist role! I then started looking for an apprenticeship that was more admin-based, something that better complemented my skillset.

I started looking on Indeed and applied for an admin role with Professional Apprenticeships, after speaking to one of the professionals there, they advised me that because I was looking for a role I could grow and develop in, Excellect would be a good fit for me, so they put me forward for an interview. Before my interview, I had a call with a member of the Professional Apprenticeships team, who helped me to prepare and discuss potential questions and scenarios as well as have some questions ready to ask them. I went for my interview and got offered the job the next day!

I have now been in my role for a couple of months and I have learned so much, the team have been really welcoming and have supported me in my training and I am looking forward to seeing where this can take me in my business career.

Lorenzo Ponsillo

Hello, my name is Lorenzo, and I am a 16-year-old business administrator apprentice. I started my apprenticeship with Excellect at the end of July 2023 and have been learning more about the role since.

Ever since I had started secondary school, I never pictured myself going to college, because I knew that I enjoyed on-the-job experience more. As the end of my school life loomed, I was unsure of what I wanted to do as I had done some previous work experience as a plumber, which was my original plan, and had not enjoyed it as much as I thought. Thinking of what my next steps could be, I decided that I would look into a business-related apprenticeship, as it was my favourite subject in school. I knew it could be a good opportunity for me to further my knowledge in a subject that interested me.

Professional Apprenticeships had been at a careers fair I attended and I found them really interesting, so stayed in touch and even managed to get some work experience with them, gaining more knowledge on the admin role and tasks I would potentially be completing in a future job. My favourite part of this work experience was being invited to networking events and being able to connect with new people.

A month after my GCSEs had been completed, I was offered an interview with Excellect, in which I saw a great opportunity. A few days after this, I was given the good news that the team would love to have me and that I could start in a week!

Since then, I have been working towards mastering the admin role and gaining my Business Administration Level 3 qualification, I also passed all my GCSE's!


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