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At Excellect, we take immense pride in our dedicated team members who contribute to our growth and success. Today, we bid farewell to Charlie Francis, who has been an integral part of our company for the past five years.

We are thrilled to announce that Charlie has embarked on a new chapter in his professional journey, having recently launched his own company called Howha PMI.

A Shared History

Throughout his time with Excellect, Charlie has demonstrated unwavering commitment and an exceptional work ethic. His expertise and dedication in the field of private medical insurance have been invaluable to our clients and our company.

Over the years, Charlie has helped numerous individuals and families navigate the complexities of PMI, providing them with comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. His professionalism and empathetic approach have garnered trust and admiration from both clients and colleagues alike.

Excellect's Transition

As Excellect continues to evolve and expand its employee benefits services, we have made the strategic decision to focus exclusively on SME and corporate offerings.

While this change means that we will no longer be providing services directly to individuals, we fully support Charlie's decision to establish Howha PMI and take his expertise to new heights.

Wishing All The Best

"As Charlie embarks on this exciting new chapter, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes. Starting a business requires courage, determination, and resilience, and we have no doubt that Charlie possesses these qualities in abundance. May his journey with Howha PMI be filled with success, personal fulfilment, and boundless achievements"

Simon Kelly - MD Excellect

Staying Connected

While we bid farewell to Charlie as a member of the Excellect team, our professional relationship and friendship remain strong. We look forward to maintaining a collaborative partnership with Howha PMI, as we continue to explore opportunities for mutual growth.

From this point forward, for any enquiries from individuals who require private medical insurance, we will simply be pointing them in the direction of Howha PMI.


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