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National Apprenticeship Week - 6th-10th February 2023

Statistics from the Government website (Hyperlink Government website with the link show that in the 21/22 academic year, a total of 349,190 individuals started an apprenticeship in the UK. This is up nearly 9% greater than the previous year!

This week bring together businesses and apprentices to celebrate the positive impact apprenticeships have on individual, businesses, and the wider economy. This year’s theme is “skills for life”, which reflects on how apprenticeships can help individuals develop their skills and knowledge to develop and progress within their career.

How we’ve grown together

National Apprenticeship Week is a very important week here at Excellect as apprentices are what has helped the company grow and form into who they are today.

Throughout the 8 years of Excellect, there has been 6 apprentices, 3 of whom are currently completing their Business Administration Level 3 qualification with Professional Apprenticeships. Later, you will hear from one of our graduates, nearly 4 years on since finishing his apprenticeship as well as a few snippets from our current apprentices.

Without the help from apprentices, Excellect wouldn’t be where we are today, starting as a 2-man company, we are now a 12-person company who may be expanding further very soon! Watch this space, there may be a new meet the team post in the not-so-distant future!

Here’s what our team say

When speaking to one of our current apprentices, Laura, about how the skills she learns in her apprenticeship help her within her job role, she said that the core skills she learns within her apprenticeship training are:

· Organisation

· professionalism

· confidence

· polices

· regulations

· and IT.

These skills are very transferable to be using everyday in her job role which is why she decided to pick an apprenticeship over further education as she can earn money while gaining a qualification and learning all these transferable skills. Learning these skills, builds up her skills set to be able to grab new and exciting opportunities that are on offer at Excellect!

Also speaking with Charlie, who finished his apprenticeship nearly 4 years ago and is now Principal Health Insurance Adviser for our individual clients. When asked how he thought his apprenticeship helped him, he said that learning core skills like organisation, securing information and learning about the business and how they run is the main things that helped him though the past 5 years to get where he is today.

His advice for anyone looking to get an apprenticeship would be that “your thrown in the deep end with learning and it is a good way to get real world experience in the workplace, so you can get hands on learning and on the job training.”

A message from our Director

This is what our Client Services Director and co-owner Helen, had to say about apprenticeships when asked about how she thought having apprentices has helped Excellect to grow. She said “Apprentices are a big part and important asset to Excellect. Most of our apprentices start their working career with us, straight out of school, and with this they bring a fresh perspective of ideas, knowledge of technology, IT and social media skills. As a growing company, we have found that giving the opportunity to apprentices to fill in the skills gaps that exist, allows for them to develop and grow, and define their own career path within Excellect. This in turn provides Excellect with considerable benefits such as loyal, motivated, committed, full time members of the team, who want to stay and grow within the company. Investing in apprentices will ultimately mean they invest their time and learning into the company, and we have found that giving these opportunities to apprentices is a huge part of the growth of Excellect.”

Her top tip for people looking into apprenticeships is “not to be afraid to try something new as an apprenticeship is a foot in the door to a further career, experiences, knowledge, and interests. As well as this, you’ll gain invaluable experiences, skills and qualifications while earning while you learn, working alongside people who have experience in a particular industry and boosting your career prospects without getting into debt.”

Professional Apprenticeships

The apprenticeship provider used by Excellect, winner of the Bristol & Bath apprenticeship provider of the year award, is Professional Apprenticeships. Claire Harris, one of the business and management tutors whom the Excellect apprentices are lucky enough to have as their tutor, was asked about her views on how apprenticeships help companies to grow. She said “Apprenticeships help companies to grow as they provide employees with skills which help businesses in the future to grow. They ensure that employees develop the necessary skills needed to thrive in a company long term. They also provide the opportunity to develop careers across the company and are a good way of recruiting, training, and retaining future talent. The key benefits of apprenticeships are that they are open to all ages, backgrounds and career levels which enables employers to be able to match skills gaps more effectively. Apprentices develop into highly skilled staff which bring in value to the business which can be applied throughout their whole career.”

If you would like to get more information on the types of apprenticeships they offer, please visit their website

Excellect are currently looking for new, keen apprentices to join their growing team! Are you looking start your career and gain practical knowledge and skills in the working world? Get in contact with us for more information!

Excellect are currently looking for a new, keen apprentices to join their growing team! Are you looking start your career and gain practical knowledge and skills in the working world? Get in contact with us for more information!


“Everyone Benefits – through personality, professionalism and passion. Employees are at the heart of every successful

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