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Employee Benefits- Gourmet Society

Need a way to reward your employees with a benefit that will give them a variety of enjoyments throughout the week? With Brits spending a quarter of their annual wage on dining out 1.5 times a week, the Gourmet Society benefit is a perfect way to say thank you and to give a little something that will be used and enjoyed time and time again.

A full Gourmet Society membership is the perfect reward for anyone and everyone, as it will continue to be valued throughout the year of membership. Depending upon the size of your order, Gourmet Society can even co-brand the membership cards for you.

This little perk allows your employees to enjoy the experience of eating out at a much more affordable price, what’s more, this benefit can be used as much as each employee desires and it won’t affect the renewal price - meaning you can offer it to all of your employees year after year.

Your employees will have their own personal dining card, with access to a website and free smartphone app where they will find 100s of discounts and offers of up to 50% with the choice of over 6,000 countrywide restaurants. Your employees can use the free App to locate local restaurants involved in the scheme and to access daily offers and discounts.

This really is a benefit that every employee can get their teeth into.

To find out how to get this great benefit on the table or for more information contact us here at Excellect.

September 15, 2017

January 11, 2017

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