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Welcome to the Summer 2022 Issue of Excellect People

Are we set for a “Summer of Discontent”? Employers are certainly facing some challenging times when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. The effects of the cost-of-living crisis are starting to be seen with employees asking for, and expecting pay rises to help them keep pace with inflation. We will share our top tips and ideas for a few ways of helping employers and employees to be happy. In this issue we also highlight Virtual GP services, and we meet Jess Sage, the newest and youngest member of the Excellect team.

“The Grand Resignation” and the Cost-of-Living Crisis – How to Help Your Clients and Their Employees

Unemployment is at an all-time low, and employers are struggling to attract the talent they need to their businesses. At the same time many businesses face increasing cost pressures and an expectation from employees of pay rises to help them keep pace with the cost of food and bills. Here are some ideas for employee benefits that might just help:

  • To attract the best talent, it’s vital for employers to offer meaningful employee benefits. They need to communicate what they offer and make benefits visible on job adverts and websites etc. Otherwise, the person they are trying to attract might not even give them a second look.

  • Offer benefits that employees will value and appreciate, considering those that are relevant to their lives. Nobody wants to be on the 6.6 million NHS waiting list for treatment or consultation. Private Medical Insurance is one of the most popular benefits as it offers peace of mind for employer and employee alike.

  • Employee Assistance Programmes are essential for every business to support the mental wellbeing of employees. They are low cost and offer access to counsellors trained to help with many different types of worries including financial, legal, bereavement, relationships, and health

  • Many Health Cash Plans include a discounts portal which will help employees save money on everyday things like food and clothing. It might not be possible to give employees double digit pay rises, but it is possible to let them get 4% off their weekly food bills for example. Additionally, in times of financial strain routine dental and optical check-ups can get overlooked due to cost. The Cash Plan allows employees to claim back the cost of these, encouraging them to look after their health.

  • Protection benefits are extremely popular post-pandemic. People have become more starkly aware of the importance of good health after being surrounded by stories of death and illness for the last few years. They have started to think “what if that happened to me……?”. So, benefits providing cover in the event of death or illness offer peace of mind and financial security

One important thing to say is that sometimes SME businesses think that they cannot afford to offer employee benefits, and that they cannot compete with larger companies.

We are here to offer no obligation quotes so they can see what is possible. Most are pleasantly surprised. #everyonebenefits

The Considerable Benefits of Virtual GPs

One symptom of the post pandemic world and the considerable strain the NHS is under is that it can be so difficult to get a doctor’s appointment when you need one. For employers this may mean the employee is absent from work while they wait. It can affect business productivity and put a strain on the rest of the team. For the employee themselves it can be extremely stressful and may even result in lost pay if they are unable to work.

It’s an issue of real concern, and patient watchdog Healthwatch England recently said that a quarter of the complaints it currently handles from patients now relate to GP services. National Director Louise Ansari said: "People are telling us about difficulties getting through to their local practice, with online booking systems, long waits on the phone and a lack of face-to-face appointments providing them with challenges. The lack of easy access puts people's health and wellbeing at risk and increases demand on overstretched hospitals.”

One solution for employers could be to be offer a simple low-cost employee benefit like a Health Cash Plan which includes access to a Virtual GP service which runs 24/7. Appointments with a doctor are usually available within 24 hours and are conducted by telephone or virtually. The GP’s can advise, prescribe, and refer in exactly the same way as any other GP.

Here are some of the benefits of having a virtual GP service in place at work:

  • Faster access to GP consultations helps to reduce absenteeism

  • The virtual service benefits every employee, irrespective of age or location in the country

  • Employees can fit GP appointments around their work and family commitments.

  • Providing meaningful benefits which are useful and valuable to employees will help with attraction, engagement, and retention

  • A healthier, happier workforce is more productive

Meet Jessica Sage – The Newest Member of the Excellect Team

Hello to Jessica Sage who joined our team at the beginning of February. Here she talks to Nynke Hunter, our Sales and Partnerships Executive about herself and her first few months at Excellect:

Nynke: Hi Jess, why did you join Excellect?

Jess: Hi! I made the decision to leave school after my GCSE’s because I realised that I really wasn’t enjoying it anymore. After that I started looking at professional apprenticeships and was introduced to Excellect for a Business Administration apprenticeship.

Nynke: What work have you been doing at Excellect day to day?

Jess: I’m already doing lots of different things when I am in the office. I answer the phone, I reply to client queries, action changes within group schemes, and now I also send out invoices. I really like the variety of the job and working alongside my colleagues every day. I’ve also noticed some other parts of the business where I would really like to get involved.

Nynke: What has your favourite moment been so far?

Jess: There’s not been just one moment, it’s all been fun. I really enjoy having a general laugh in the office and going to our sports & social events – I’ve already been to quite a few. Everyone has made me feel so welcome.

Nynke: What do you do when you are not working?

Jess: I live with my mum and dad, brother, and sister. Most of my time I spend with our horse Elvis. I’m a show jumper and event rider and enter competitions when I can. We also have a foal called Flo.

We have received another 5 Star Review


When a more economical private medical insurance was required to take over from a previous employer scheme, our financial adviser put us in touch with Excellect. Charlie Francis was extremely personable, helpful and knowledgeable in providing alternative policies, with 'The Exeter' subsequently offering enormous monthly premium savings for a policy very similar to our previous one. I will most certainly be delighted to recommend the services of Excellect in future. Many thanks!


“Everyone Benefits – through personality, professionalism and passion. Employees are at the heart of every successful business

– you are at the heart of ours.”


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