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Welcome to the Spring 2022 Issue of Excellect People

In this issue find out about two employee benefits which can help employers attract and retain employees, and importantly stave off the effects of “The Grand Resignation” some are experiencing. We also meet two more new members of the Excellect team as we continue to grow.



We speak to employers every day who are struggling to attract and retain employees through these times of talent shortages, and who are feeling the effect of “The Grand Resignation”. Many are keen to show employees that they are valued and offer something that everyone will want and use. Enter the Health Cash Plan, the employee benefit that almost seems too good to be true, because not only does it have a wide appeal to all age groups, but with a price starting from as little as £1 per employee per week, most businesses can afford it. Here are just some of the reasons every business should have one:

- Help towards the cost of annual eye tests and dental check-ups - This encourages employees to take good care of their everyday health with annual eye tests, and regular check-ups can help to identify early warning signs of other more serious medical conditions, allowing prompt action to be taken. Also fulfils the requirements of DSE legislation where some employers need to pay for the cost of an annual eye test for those employees working with screens.

- Virtual GP Service - Helps to reduce employee absence through the delays in waiting to see their own GP. Consultations available quickly via telephone or video.

- Physiotherapy and Chiropractor Treatments – It’s common to see employees off work whilst waiting to see a doctor for aches/sprains etc. With the Health Cash Plan, they can refer themselves for physiotherapy/chiropractor treatment immediately and claim back the cost up to an annual limit. Speedy treatment can help them to return to work quickly.

- Discounts Portal – It's difficult for employers to help employees keep pace with the current rapidly increasing cost of living. Through the Health Cash Plan however they can provide access to generous discounts/cash back on both everyday necessities, as well as those things that are nice to have. For example, employees can save between 3-7% on their weekly supermarket shopping, but also enjoy reductions on holidays, gym memberships, cinema tickets, family days out, and clothes – to name but a few.

- Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – Life through the pandemic has been challenging for all of us, and it’s hard for employers to help employees with all of the issues they face. Stress and anxiety caused by such things as financial worries, relationship problems, health concerns, bereavement etc. impact on employee mental wellbeing, engagement, happiness, and ultimately on performance at work. Therefore, the ability to refer employees to an EAP where they can communicate (usually by telephone, digitally or Face to Face) with trained counsellors is a vital benefit. Available from as few as 3 employees!!!


We are now a team of 11 and have been so pleased to welcome Nynke Hunter as Sales and Partnership Executive, and Laura Tozer our new Apprentice. We’ve asked them to say a few words about their first few weeks in the business.

Nynke: I joined Excellect in January, working closely alongside Ann Barker to support our Partners and their clients. It didn’t take me long to settle in with everyone being very welcoming and supportive.

My background is in the Business Support Sector, and so talking to SME businesses every day is something I’ve had lots of experience in. I understand many of the challenges they face, and it’s great to be able to continue to help them as they grow. My new role is perfect for me, and I am really enjoying myself.

I’m Dutch and came to the UK from Holland in 1993, so I’ve now lived in the UK longer than I did in my native country! In my spare time I like keeping fit and walking our greyhound along the river in Chippenham. I also love cooking nice meals and baking cakes (especially Dutch apple pie). The Excellect Team all seem keen to try that as soon as possible.

Laura: I began my apprenticeship with Excellect in November 2021 and was made to feel so welcome by the team from Day 1. There was a short pause in my new role, when I unfortunately in the first few weeks I broke my ankle on my very first Excellect social event. I work in our New Business team alongside Honey and Simon and there is lots of variety. My typical day includes tasks such as updating employee data, making scheme membership changes, processing invoices etc... My brother Ryan (who many of our Partners and clients will know) has worked for Excellect since it first started in 2014. He is really happy here, and his career keeps going from strength to strength. This is what made me decide to apply for a job in the first place as just like my brother, I’d love to progress within the company, learning new things and taking on new responsibilities. I am so glad I chose to do my apprenticeship with Excellect, as I couldn’t ask for a better team!


Employee benefits which give employees a sense of security and peace of mind will make them think twice about leaving an employer. Through the pandemic when people have been worried about job security and illness, many have realised how vulnerable they would be if they lost their income. Good health is vital to an employee being able to work productively, but sometimes the unexpected happens and accident or illness can threaten a person’s very livelihood. With Statutory Sick Pay at just £96.35 per week most people would find it very hard to continue to meet their financial commitments if they could not work due to illness.

Read any financial advice recommendations about having a “rainy day” fund and you will typically see 3-6 months income mentioned. In reality though very few have an adequate safety. Recently International reported that 51% of UK adults do not have enough emergency savings. Additionally, a Scottish Widows survey found that only 3% of people renting their home have Income Protection which would help them cover their outgoings if they became ill.

Group Income Protection is therefore such a valuable benefit for employee and employer alike. It provides the employee with a percentage of their income if they cannot work due to illness for a prolonged period (typically more than 8 weeks). This continues until they are able to return to work, or up to a pre-determined period ranging from 2-5 years or State Pension Age. It therefore gives them the ability to continue to meet their essential living costs, as well as peace of mind.

We are seeing more and more employers look at this vital protection. It helps them to substitute the unknown cost of discretionary sick pay with the known cost of an insurance premium. Many are also telling us “I need to look after that person, so they will come back to me when they have recovered”. The alternative of not paying an employee whilst they are going through health issues can pose the risk of that person looking elsewhere for a job when they are better. It’s very often not an expensive benefit to offer, and worthwhile getting quotes for.

We have received another 5 Star Review


I wanted to thank Charlie for his excellent service in implementing our company’s Group Private Medical Insurance scheme.

My business partner and I found his approach professional yet approachable. Not only was he able to clearly articulate the intricacies of the policy he was recommending but he also showed us why the policy was appropriate for the near and long term.

We were very impressed by Charlie and Excellect and we won’t hesitate to recommend him to clients in the future.


“Everyone Benefits – through personality, professionalism and passion. Employees are at the heart of every successful business

– you are at the heart of ours.”


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