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What are your top priorities when looking for a job?

An article recently published by Mail Online investigated Generation Z's work expectations, they conducted a survey of 2,000 18 - 29 year old's working in the UK and it highlighted their top 5 priorities in the workplace, these include:

  • Flexible hours

  • Birthday off

  • Good coffee machine

  • Working from home 2x a week

  • Gym membership

57% of young people say that better nutrition and mental health perks are more important than benefits such as laptops and company cars.

Why not look into employee benefits for your company to satisfy the needs of your employees. At Excellect we help you to find an employee benefit package tailored to your needs and wants, there really is something for everyone.

Having employee benefits available is becoming extremely important to the new workforce, with gym memberships being high up on their list of priorities. It is possible to provide discounted gyms as a standalone benefit, however products like a Health Cash Plan's allow your team to receive discount vouchers on many other things including gym memberships, such as groceries, travel cards, holidays, cinema tickets, iPads and many more.

Mental health perks are also seen as extremely important when it comes to the wants and needs of the younger workforce, as mental health has become less of a taboo topic and people are becoming more open about their day to day struggles. Having an Employee Assistance Programme through Health Cash Plan or Private Medical Insurance policies gives your team a 24 hour help line providing access to information and emotional support for things like relationships, stress, bereavement, money management, debt, self-harm, suicide, and drugs and alcohol support.

Providing these employee benefits for your staff shows them that you care and appreciate them and are willing to give your support. It can encourage staff to join your company and even improve staff retention rates.

Show your staff you care!


“Everyone Benefits – through personality, professionalism and passion. Employees are at the heart of every successful

– you are at the heart of ours.”


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