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Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Anti-Bullying Week - 14-18th November

This year Anti-Bullying Week has the theme "Reach Out". This year's campaign is about trying to create safe environments where people can speak up and talk about the worries and concerns, they may have. They are giving children all around the UK a voice to tell us how they feel about reaching out if they feel they are being bullied or worried about bullying.

The campaign tries to encourage children and young people to reach out to someone they trust, whether it be a parent, teacher, friend or trusted adult. 30,000 children were given a survey by Anti-Bullying Alliance, and it showed that 24% of them were being frequently bullied in person and 6% of them being frequently bullied online. That's 30%, equivalent to 9,000 children being frequently bullied. This needs to change.

Research shows that 35% of children who are being bullied don't tell anyone. We need to create an environment where everyone, especially children and young people, feel safe and are able to express their concerns to people they trust.

Like every year, there is an odd socks day to show your support for the campaign and anti-bullying week. People around the UK take part and wear odd socks for the day to show their support for anti-bullying. At Excellect we did just that, and everyone in the office took part and wore their odd socks to work to show their support for the campaign! Which odd pair is your favourite?


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