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10 simple ways to keep your staff engaged -on a budget.

We are all familiar with the cliché ‘to think outside the box’. It seems more and more companies are now having to do just this to find innovative and exciting ways to increase their appeal and to retain staff.

Even if you don’t have the budget or the resources you can still create a fun and interesting workplace if you just ‘think outside the box’ and be a little creative.

Here are some ideas to help you out-perk those other companies.

Pet friendly office.

Imagine a day where you don’t have to leave a sad face at your front door as you go off to work. Pet friendly work places are becoming increasingly common with 8%

of employees in the UK being allowed to bring their beloved four legged friend to the office. A dog friendly office not only gets every one talking it can also help to reduce stress, combat anxiety and lower blood pressure. With dogs being a common interest it can help promote a healthy atmosphere of teamwork and communication therefore increasing employee satisfaction and morale. Not only does it optimise opportunities to exercise and stretch your legs it gives your employees a reason to take regular breaks from their computer screen - giving them a good reason to ‘paws' for thought.

Flexible working

Striking for that perfect work/life balance has become a huge part of what potential and existing staff are looking for in a company. Not only proven to increase morale, productivity and motivation, flexible working also reduces employee turnover and cuts the time staff are off sick. With fewer stressed, unhappy, burnt out workers, your office will fast become a team of happy satisfied productive and loyal staff.

Office freebies

We all love a freebie. Office perks can make a big difference to employees overall morale and productivity. Again this doesn’t have to break the bank, offering free coffee, drinks and snacks such as fruit baskets and cake on their birthday can ensure your staff continue to feel valued and motivated.

Summer hours

Have you thought about offering summer hours to your team? An afternoon once a fortnight or month where they can leave a little earlier than they usually would during the summer. The primary reason companies offer this is it gives your employees a bit of ‘me time’ and a chance to recover from work-related stress. This perk can help towards showing your staff that you value their work/life balance and mental health. There are many ways to implement this idea, such as working a few extra hours throughout the week so that they can have an afternoon off, or closing early on a Friday after your team have started a little earlier. However you decide to do it this is definitely a benefit your employees would appreciate.

Fun days/nights

This doesn’t just have to involve evenings at the local. Find out your employees interests and organise days where everyone can get involved in doing something a little different. Some ideas could be volunteering, escape the room games, karaoke, laser quest and cooking classes. Not only will this give everyone a change of scenery and get them out the office for the day, it can facilitate bonding, teamwork and reduce stress. So next time you think your staff could do with a little pick me up get a team day in the diary.

Wellbeing perks

A healthy workforce really is a happy workforce and a happy workforce really does mean a healthy business! There are several ways to support your team in leading a healthy lifestyle such as cycle to work schemes, gym memberships, buying everyone a Fitbit, supplying fruit baskets, access to online health assessments, setting up cash plans and private medical insurance plans. All these can contribute to a healthy workforce and bring down absenteeism.

Vouchers and Discounts

To get the best out of your staff it is imperative to reward them. How about showing they are valued with shopping discounts, cinema tickets, gourmet society memberships, voucher booklets. This is something everyone can benefit from.

Extra days holiday

Why not offer your staff some extra days holiday, this could be applied when they have been working for you for a certain amount of time, or when it is their birthday. This is a little gem everyone will definitely appreciate.


UK childcare is the most expensive in the world, with families now spending a third of their income on nurseries and childminders. Juggling work and family responsibilities is challenging enough so why not help with the financial burden and show how much you value the mums and dads in your workforce by offering childcare vouchers.

Casual Friday

Many companies allow their staff to dress down days, usually on a Friday. By allowing your employees to dress how they choose, promotes individuality which will help employees to feel more relaxed, comfortable and able to focus on their work. Giving your employees a day where they can wear what they like to work may seem like a small thing yet being able to offer this little bonus will give your staff something to enjoy and look forward to.

So give a little extra something and thank your staff without having to break the bank.


September 6, 2017

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