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Why should I offer employee benefits to my staff?

Do you need happier, healthier, talented staff?

An incentive to maximise your employees’ productivity?

Less sick days?

While there are many components to running a successful business, offering your staff benefits that go beyond the usual requirements will be an effective way of ensuring that they meet their potential.

Still unsure whether employee benefits are for you and your staff? Then here are some of the main top reasons to help you consider investing in these extra benefits.

- No more sick days

Who would not want a healthier work force? After all, looking after your staff will ensure they look after your business.

Ensuring your employees have a health plan in place they should be a relatively healthy bunch. Health insurance will increase the likelihood that they will have regular medical check-ups and take preventable steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

- Keeping your staff

It is difficult for a business to grow and make progress when there is a high turnover of staff. A study by Canada Life Group Insurance found that 46% of respondents who are looking to change jobs admit they could be persuaded to stay in their current role if benefits were offered.

Providing a benefit package will show that you are willing to invest in them, that you value their job performance and will ensure these staff stick around for the long haul.

- Happy staff

Boosting morale amongst your staff will ensure a happy, dedicated, loyal, valued, productive workforce. Why ask for more than that?

- Productivity

By offering benefits you are giving your staff more reason to care about the company they work for, therefore remaining loyal, leading to a greater productivity, and a higher quality of work boosting employee satisfaction.

- Making your business stand out

By increasing your appeal will ensure that dedicated and skilled workers are choosing to work with you over your competitors. Employee benefits will ensure your company is far more attractive, will show that you believe in your company enough to invest in your staff consequently enabling you to create a talented workforce and a strong foundation for your business.

These all sound like no brainers, but if you are still thinking that there isn't any room in the budget for this added expense then give Excellect a call - you may be surprised what a small business can afford with our help.

March 28, 2017

March 3, 2017

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