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Private medical insurance - is Google the best place to start?

Have you ever wondered why so many of us take to Google when we need to research a company or product, and simply accept their search results as an effective hierarchy of which companies are best for what we are looking for? Results beyond page 2 or 3 are barely seen, yet they are full of respectable companies offering highly competitive products. They simply don’t have the budget to compete with the big brands. Take a look at these search results for private medical insurance and you’ll see what I mean:

Bupa, Axa and MoneySupermarket jostle side by side with other big brands in the sponsored ads section– - they’ve paid a lot of money to be there to grab the lion’s share of the market. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the products they offer are the best fit for the requirements of your organisation. We associate friendly, personal service with smaller businesses, where customers have access to real people, without feeling like they are just a number. And certainly when we’re dealing with private medical insurance, we want to know that our enquiries will be dealt with professionally, by someone who is interested in sourcing the most appropriate cover at the most competitive price and not just recommending what’s easy. It may even be necessary to use multiple providers to give you the cover that works best for your people. Pre-existing conditions, for example, can result in higher premiums or multiple exclusions within policies. An independent broker is best placed to know the market, and which providers match specific needs the best. It gives them a competitive edge over larger providers. If you prefer a more personal service when planning and purchasing your group schemes, whilst still gaining a competitive price, it’s worth looking beyond the front page of Google. One port of call could be the friendly team here at Excellect, who are interested in you as a person, and how best they can meet the needs of the people in your organisation, and whose primary aim is to provide a first class attentive service.

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