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Employee Benefits – do you know what your employees really want?

Want to attract and retain your top ‘talent’?

Do you need happier, healthier staff?

An incentive to maximise your employees’ productivity?

Gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’ when considering your employee benefits package.

Businesses are now having to work harder to attract and retain their top talent, the tables have turned, and it is now an ‘employee market’. Employee ‘wellbeing’ and ‘engagement’ have become buzz words across the corporate and SME sectors – there is an increasing expectation that employers need to be doing much more than just offering a competitive salary.

Providing a benefits package that can meet a diverse set of employee needs is now a vital way for companies to stay competitive.

While there are many components to running a successful business, offering employees benefits that go above and beyond the usual requirements will be an effective way of ensuring your staff stay motivated, productive, healthy and loyal.

With an extensive range of employee benefits now available to employers, it’s important to invest in benefits that employees really value.

Understanding the competition is a good place to start; that last thing any employer wants to hear is your number one performer leaving to go and work for your largest competitor.

Engaging with your employees will also identify what really is important to them and will enable you to find benefit solutions that support these needs.

Once you know what is important to you and your employees, a benefit package can be put together with benefits you know will become a valuable asset to your company.

Benefits such as Pensions, Private Medical Insurance and Group Life Assurance are considered the norm for most employers however there are a host of options available to suit every budget.

Excellect are employee benefit experts and we can provide comprehensive competitor analysis and a deep employee survey before making any recommendations; this allows you to fully understand the options available, make the right choices, and future-proof your investment.

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