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Allowing your employees to choose the benefits

that suit their indiviual needs

Whilst health and protection form the most substantial part of benefits packages, flexible benefits allow a company to add a flourish to its offering. Driven by technological advances, flexible benefits in some form or other are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, 81% of companies are now said to offer them.


Between October 2012 and April 2017, all employers with UK-based staff will need to automatically enroll eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme. Who is eligible? Anyone who is between 22 and state pension age and earning above a set minimum. Each employer has a set staging date by when to do this, based on their payroll size. There are compulsory pension contributions from both employers and employees. These will be introduced gradually on a sliding scale until reaching the maximum contribution levels in 2018 of 3% for employers and 5% for employees plus a 1% in tax breaks.


Excellect we are aware of the complications that this has brought, especially for small businesses. However, now there is no need for you to worry about such complications as we Excellect are here to help you through the entire process. We will ensure that you understand your requirements, that you are fully prepared well in advance of your staging date and we will provide access to systems that simplify the process of on-going employee assessment and communication so that you are able to provide a compliant pension scheme for your workforce.



The flexible benefits application allows employers to offer the widest range of benefits to suit the diverse needs of the workforce. Excellect provides consulting, administration and technology under one roof. The Excellect platform is an online employee portal for self-service benefit management. Total rewards statements, voluntary benefits, benefit modeling, enrolment, andreporting are included with interactive tools including pension forecasting, net pay calculation and tax and national insurance savings. The administration of these benefits is fully integrated with the HR, payroll, absence management, pension and auto-enrolment applications.



Communication is key in any part of a business, and employee benefits are no exception - how can anything improve if the employees you're providing the benefit for don't even know they have access to it? Maybe you don't have the time to schedule a presentation to communicate the benefit to your workforce; maybe even you might not know exactly how to the benefit? At Excellect we want to be the first point of contact for your employee's regarding their employee benefits, whether they need to find out something about a policy or need to make a change. Having a dedicated point of contact that is in regular communication with you throughout the year is one of the ways in which we try to achieve this.

Our dedicated Excellect advisers are on hand to present your new (or existing) employee benefits package to your staff - at no additional cost. You can ensure that, due our Excellent relationships with the insurers, we will be providing you with the most up to date product information. We are also able to bring an insurer representative to a staff presentation or a benefits day, they often come laden with freebies which do go down well!

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