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Don't forget to tell your staff!

Communicating your employee benefits package


Employee benefits can only be used to their full advantage by your staff if they are aware of them, yet 78% of employers are overlooking the need to promote their benefits to potential employees.

With 72% of employees in the UK stating that they would work harder if they felt they were appreciated; employers are setting up employee benefits package's but then forgetting to tell everyone.

Staff that are not fully aware of benefits available to them are less likely to feel loyal to the company, be proud to tell others who they work for or be productive and motivated.

The right communication can boost engagement, improve absenteeism and increase benefit take up rates.

There are many ways to communicate your benefit package to your staff;

- Emails

- Presentations - One to one meetings

- Handbooks - Notice boards - Company intranets - Interviews and inductions

With employee benefit packages serving to reduce staff absence, build a workforce of dedicated, motivated and productive staff and helping to make your business stand out, the method you use to communicate these benefits will depend on your company.

Time to review what methods you currently have in place?

How many different methods of communication are currently being used to communicate your benefits package?

Are these tailored to suit your workforce?

Ask your employees if they know what benefits are in place for them.

Do your employees know how to access their benefits?

Do your employees understand the value of these benefits?

Find out from your employees how they would like to be told about the benefits on offer to them.

You’ve hired the best employees; you’ve got a great employee benefits package - don’t forget to tell them.

Share some of the most innovative ways that you interact with your employees in the comments below.

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