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Employee Benefits- Dental Insurance

Infections in the mouth can be linked to major health problems all over your body, leading to a significant effect on the amount of time an employee is away from work.

The British Dental Health Foundation found that 415,000 employees took time off work due to oral health, costing UK businesses a total of £36.6 million. Thus demonstrating the fact that dental benefits should not be overlooked in managing your company’s absences.

Employers can easily set up a Dental Insurance policy that employees and their families can use by claiming back dental expenses spent on either NHS or Private treatments. This scheme operates through a salary exchange where employees sacrifice part of their salary for dental insurance, therefore making long term savings on their National Insurance.

These benefits will enable your employees to regularly visit their dentist, ensuring early diagnosis and treatment for any medical conditions without them worrying about the cost. Early intervention will in turn reduce the likelihood of any problems escalating into a serious illness and lengthy absences.

There are so many plans available, which one would suit your business and your staff? Excellect can help ensure the right plan is set up specifically tailored to the needs of your workforce. Give us a call to talk through your options.

Setting up a dental insurance plan doesn’t have to be a toothache- Don’t brush this one off.

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