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Pancreatic Cancer will become the 4th deadliest cancer by 2026.

Pancreatic Cancer UK is this week warning that Pancreatic cancer will become the 4th biggest killer after lung, bowel and prostate cancers in Britain.

According to Pancreatic Cancer UK it is predicted that 11, 278 people will die every year by 2026, a rise from 28% in 2014, due to late a diagnosis of the cancer.

Up to a quarter of patients will live for a least 5 years if caught early enough, however due to a lack of medical breakthroughs, the majority of patients are being diagnosed too late to receive the surgery and treatments required. Resulting in only 8% of pancreatic cancer sufferers undergoing the surgery in time for any chance of catching the disease before it has spread.

With around 10,000 people being diagnosed each year in the UK, Pancreatic Cancer UK is now calling for the Government to increase the amount spent in researching the disease to £25 million per year by 2022.

Alex Ford, chief executive of Pancreatic Cancer UK said:

"This dreadful disease is set to become one of the big four cancer killers in less than 10 years because we have not made the vital breakthroughs in early diagnosis methods that are so desperately needed to allow patients and families more precious time together. And if we don't act now, the number of lives stolen by the disease will increase by over a quarter by 2026 in the UK.”

Pancreatic cancer is often referred to as a ‘silent cancer’ due to its symptoms being vague and difficult to recognise;

- Pain while eating

- Upper abdominal pain

- Mid back pain

- Fatigue

- Unexplained weight loss

- Indigestion

- Jaundice

- Low mood or depression

If you persistently experience one or more of these symptoms that are not normal for you – do not ignore them, contact your GP straight away.

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