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Why Businesses Need Occupational Health  (OH) Support

The law requires employers to prevent the physical and mental ill health of employees which may happen as a result of their business activities. So assessing risk is important as it will help you decide what actions you need to take. This is where OH comes in.

At Excellect we work with OccHealthNow to provide valuable OH support to our clients. No OH provider can be an expert on every OH issue and over a period of 25 years OccHealthNow have developed a network of specialist OH partners that they can recommend when appropriate. OccHealthNow offers a range of services:


  1. OH Management Referral Triage Service

  2. Healthyshoots – OH Questionnaire System with automated questionnaires for new starters, night workers, Display Screen Equipment (work and home), and many more

  3. OH Risk Surveillance Assessments – Premises visits to carry out tests for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, Hearing, Lung Function, and a range of other areas



For an introduction to the OccHealthNow Team or for a no obligation conversation about the range of employee benefits available for your business please contact us using the enquiry form here:

0117 3700 352

proud partner of: 

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