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Unhappy with your current workplace benefit package?

According to research by Canada Life Group insurance, 44% of employees looking to change jobs in the New Year would agree with you!

A survey carried out from 1002 full and part time respondents found that 74% were unhappy with their current benefit package, this playing a significant role in their decision to look for a new job in the new year.

24% of employees looking for a new role were not receiving any benefits in their current position with 27% of staff having never had their benefits made known to them.

46% of employees admit they would rethink their decision of a job change if employee benefits became available to them.

Marketing Director at Canada life Paul Avis states “The start of the new year acts as a natural prompt for many employees to consider their futures. Employers must be aware that members of their workforce could be tempted to head for the door, although offering the right benefits package can help prevent organisations from losing valuable staff.

“It’s time for employers to recognise that employee benefits, and crucially, effectively communicating their availability, are effective retention tools in the war for talent. Products like group income protection and group critical illness demonstrate to staff that their employer values their wellbeing and cares about their financial security, making them more inclined to stay.”

One the most important factors of running a successful business is keeping your staff happy. By providing them with incentives will boost their overall health and moral and will therefore maximise their productivity.

Need to increase your appeal?

Boost staff moral?

Increase your staff performance?

Then give Excellect a call to talk over your options for happier, loyal staff in 2017.

April 20, 2017

March 28, 2017

January 11, 2017

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